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Eco fabric ranges

ECO & Energy Saving Fabrics

Can your window blinds really help save you money? Believe it or not, the answer is, yes.

Window blinds can really help to reduce your heating bills. Many of our fabrics have special coatings on the reverse side (facing out). These have various qualities which have a dual purpose.

They help to reflect sunlight and heat outwards during the warm summer months - helping to stop your conservatory from feeling like a sauna and this has the same effect on trapping heat in during the cooler winter months - which helps to stop your conservatory feeling like a fridge!
When your consultant comes to show you the huge selection of fabric choice - ask them about SPF, SPC, ESP & ASC fabrics - all available with a large colour palette and style choice.

It's good to be Green

We are improving how we make blinds

Our planet doesn’t have enough natural resources for us to continue creating textiles the way we have in the past.

This is why we have started to do things differently. To improve the way we make blinds, we are continuing to increase our range of ECO fabrics that have been manufactured using recycled yarn.


How and why do we do it?

We are continuing to invest in new recycled yarns that have been derived from post-consumer plastic drinking bottles, also known as PET Bottles.

So, what are the benefits of using recycled synthetics?
We are helping to reduce the number of plastic bottles that end up in landfill sites, by giving the product a second lifespan as a stylish blind.

Hemp ASC Eco Ebony

Argan ASC Eco Sky

Shea ASC Eco Clay

Cactus ASC Eco Light Oak

An improved cellular pleated structure that provides increased heat blocking and sound absorbent capabilities as well as anti-static properties.

The unique cellular design will help trap air in an insulating layer, blocking heat from the sun and helping to keep rooms at a lovely, ambient temperature.

Matrix Cream - Blackout

Deluxe Sage - Blackout

Silkweave Raven - Blackout

Deluxe Sky - Blackout

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